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Who We Are

Intentional Generosity
Fanatical Integrity
Purposeful Serving

Giving Back to BG

FHG was founded to be a business that was about more than just what a man wears. Our focus goes beyond helping men with their clothing needs by building strong relationships to also encourage and empower others to be successful in what truly matters. In addition, every month a percentage of our gross sales is shared with area non-profits to help make our communities better. We love partnering with causes close to our clients hearts and constantly seek out ways to help organizations they care about.

The Right Thing No Matter What – Fanatical Integrity

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing at the right time… and if we fail… we believe you should own that and do all that you can to correct it. We strive daily to conduct our lives and business above reproach.

Serving Our Clients – Purposeful Serving

Shopping can be confusing and frustrating, not to mention time consuming. By going to our clients and working around their schedules, FHG has added a convenience that traditional stores just do not offer. Our store in Bowling Green provides the best in ready-made menswear, our MANbox program brings the store to your door twice a year, and our direct to the client meetings allow us to shake your hand and take care of you personally. We confidently and proudly provide these services to a large number of men throughout Kentucky, West Tennessee, Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

FHG Clothiers... Clothing & Personal Service with a Purpose

Kacy and Tyler

Tim Brown has been in the clothing business since he was a sophomore in high school when he started working in a local retail store. He then owned his own high-end menswear operation at the age of twenty-three and has made men’s clothing his career for over 30 years. He worked in the menswear corporate setting for twenty years until he felt a “tug” to leave that environment. After his son, Tyler, returned from some military obligations, they started their own clothing business that was based on clothing and personal service with a purpose. That purpose was to build strong relationships with their clients that was about more than clothing. This purpose focuses on not only helping men with their clothing needs but to also encourage and empower them to affect the next generations of male leaders. Kacy Clemmons joined Tyler and together they are reshaping the way men shop and view fashion. FHG knows that confidence can change the way a man lives his life and clothing can be a big part of that confidence. FHG is about getting what you want…the right fit…the right fabric…the right details…the right style.

Our Story

FHG RACK is the perfect answer in having your own clothier, saving you time and getting the best return on your investment.

The process is simple.

Set an appointment with us, give us your sizes and we will come to your office or home with a “rack” of suits, sportcoats, trousers and shirts in your size. We will help you coordinate your outfits and measure the clothing on you for our tailors to do any adjustments that need to be made. Then we will drop it off to you when it is ready.

The only thing you will have to do is get out of your chair to try on the garments!

Whether you want to spend $300 to $550 on a suit or $200 to $400 on a sportcoat, FHG RACK is perfect for the young professional starting his career or the seasoned veteran who is easy to fit off the rack.

FHG RACK……simple, practical and easy!

When clothes make the man…we come to you and make the clothes.

Our custom made clothing sits neatly between our bespoke clothing and ready to wear offerings, providing you with a personally tailored garment made to your own specifications.

FHG CUSTOM is about getting what you want; the right fit, the right fabric, the right details and the right style. FHG CUSTOM is all about you. We will come to your office or home at your convenience. So, let us spoil you.


Our goal is to maximize and make sense of your wardrobe. We discuss wants and needs, while putting a wardrobe plan together that makes sense for you.

Choose Fabrics

We source the world’s finest fabrics from traditional to high end fashion. We also carry several unique, one-of-a-kind fabric collections.

Style & Design

After the fabrics are chosen, we discuss style and design.


Up to 40 measurements will be taken to create an outfit.

Lead Time

Depending on the fabric and “make” chosen, lead time can take 5-6 weeks (for custom made clothing) once the order is placed. 60% deposit is required on all orders.

Fitting and Final Delivery

Once the clothing arrives there will be a fitting appointment to ensure the correct fit. If the clothes need adjustment we will provide it and once delivery is final the rest of the charge will be collected. All changes will be made internally so that the future orders will be ready to go.

Bespoke tailoring is a lost art. Bespoke refers to mens suits, sportcoats, trousers and shirts made from scratch by a tailor, mostly by hand, to perfectly fit an individual.

FHG BLACK Bespoke garments are considered to be the highest level of garments available and the tailoring is considered an art form.

Every aspect of style and finish are yours to specify and the result is as individual as you are. Over 50 hours of hand craftsmanship goes into each garment, a fact that we are very proud.

FHG BLACK mission is to offer this art to everyone with a level of convenience and efficiency that creates an unprecedented return on your clothing investment.

FHG BLACK……a true work of art.

Our approach is centered around a throwback to the days of the true men’s specialty shop where individual service and strong relationships are the core of everything.

Our store is located in Bowling Green, KY and offers you the ultimate shopping experience. The quality service that has always been of the highest standards now combined with everything you want and need to look great at the office or out for the weekend.

Private one-on-one appointments as well as featured events where a man can get a great shoe shine, an occasional hors d’oeuvre and much more.

Stop by, have a drink, and experience what makes FHG Clothiers so unique.

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