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Welcome to the Tailor Shop by FHG. At our core, we are Custom Tailors and because of that, we provide a service that is somewhat of a lost art in today’s world of online sales and faceless salesmen. We travel all over the Commonwealth and beyond to service our clients in personal meetings. 


Our custom made clothing sits neatly between our bespoke clothing and ready to wear offerings, providing you with a personally tailored garment made to your own specifications. All of the items you see in the following categories were designed by us for you. BUT these garments are custom made, so we need your measurements to get these amazing selections ordered. If you are an existing client then it’s easy… once you submit your cart we will follow up with you to finalize the order.


If you are not a current client of FHG then do not worry, we will still contact you about the ways we can benefit you through custom service. It may be scheduling a face to face appointment to begin your journey or even a Digital meeting where we can show you how to have someone assist in getting the basic measurements. Either way, FHG is FOR you and providing clothing and personal service but with a purpose.


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861 Fairview Ave, Bowling Green KY 42101

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